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Lance's Note for Ecclesiastes Study


Author's Note for Ecclesiastes Study


At this juncture of my study of Ecclesiastes, I am on my 4th paper. Finding the right tone for its presentation has been quite the challenge. I have prayed, read, wrote, dwelled, and contemplated my presentation and words ceaselessly. When I'm not writing, I'm thinking and praying about how to present such a message as Ecclesiastes has. I believe I have come to my final decision regarding the matter and accordingly, I would like to make a few notes.

  1. Tone. For my first two attempts, my tone was educational, almost academic. It was formatted as like a study that you'd do for a class. However, as I progressed with the writing, I found it uninspiring and lackluster. I didn't want to write a workbook which is what the paper had become. It was ultimately unengaging, and so I set it aside.

My third attempt was heavy handed and fiery. It is multiple pages of scriptural references, and double-barreled hardness. The language was provocative and intentionally evoked an emotional response. I do not wish to emotionally manipulate like so many often do. The Holy Spirit does not work through emotional manipulation. I've often heard it said that it's easier to make someone cry than it is to laugh. Such is the way with presenting the message - it's easier to rely on man's method of reaching out through manipulation than relying on God and His Spirit to move men's heart. Man's method only provides a temporary gratification while God's method is eternal and perseveres.

My goal for tone within these coming examinations (as we'll go ahead and call them) is to be like John in his epistles. Gentle and concise but deep, convicting and presented with the love that we need to have for our brethren and the lost. Let us not be arrogant in God's promises. Let us not boast as the world suffers. Let us always be mindful that if it weren't for the grace of God, we'd be no different.

  1. You. I know it's generally taboo to write to "you" within a paper. Although it's important to recognize the audience, using the "you" can be seen as confrontational. My intent is to present the message within Ecclesiastes to you, the reader, "my little children" – as John would say. If you feel confronted, I would seek God earnestly in prayer. The Spirit may be moving within you, convicting the soul of unknown or known-but-self-denied sins or beliefs. Listen and seek. In the meantime, this paper will refer to you, my dearest reader, directly. I have written this for you earnestly with much prayer and thought.


  1. Scripture. I have included scriptures in the footnotes. I would encourage you to read the scriptures along with my writings. I have deliberately sought out as much scripture as I can to support my words as I am wholly inadequate to present everything without it – nor do I wish to. My intent with the footnotes was to prevent clutter within the paragraphs allowing for an easier read. It goes without saying that this will best be read with your bible open to Ecclesiastes. For the sake of my study, I've used NKJV and ESV bibles. Any scriptural posts within this writing will be under the ESV translation.


With that, I conclude my opening note. For what it's worth, these words cut both ways. As I write, I find myself convicted. Do not ever feel that you're alone in your personal struggles or growth. We are all striving towards Christ. Do not be disheartened but seek holiness and closeness with God.


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