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(Aug 13, 2023) Sermon The Tongue Is A Fire


(July30, 2023) Sermon Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone


(July 16, 2023) Sermon Where Is The Agony For Lost Souls


(July 2, 2023) Sermon Living Water


( June 18, 2023) Sermon Perseverance Of The Saints


(June 4, 2023) Sermon What is Revival


(May  21, 2023) Sermon The Eternal Mindset


(March 17 2021) When God Says NO


(Jan 20 2021) Shepherd Or Hired Hand


(Dec 20 2020) Shepherds Saw Him First


(Dec 11 2020) Ichabod The Glory Has Departed


(Nov 15 2020 Sermon) Your Sins Will Find You Out


(Nov 7 2020) Heavenly Mindset-This not our home


(Oct 26 2020) Why Revival Tarries


(Oct 11 2020) The Perseverance Of The Saints


(Sept 29 2020) Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone


(Sept 11 2020) What is Easy Believism, FreeGrace?


(Sept 3 2020) Are Christians To Have Trials, Tribulations, Sufferings?


(August 27 2020) Who Are God's Chosen?


(Aug 24 2020)The House Of The Lord Is In Ruins (Haggai 1:2)


(August 13 2020) Agony For Lost Souls

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(August 7 2020) Is Worry Sin

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(July 29 2020) Does God Love The Sinner Part One (Must read both together)

(July29 2020) Does God Love The Sinner Part Two


(July21 2020) The Sovereign Lord


(July8 2020) The House of Prayer Part Two


(June30 2020) The House Of Prayer


(June 10 2020) Be Thou Holy


(June 5 2020) Is Man's Real Problem Social?


(May 31 2020) The Bema Seat


(May 21 2020) The Broad Road


(May15th 2020) Feed My Sheep


(May 9th 2020)The Coming Storm


(April 30th 2020) Great Famine


(April 25th 2020) Where Judgment Begins

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(APRIL 14th 2020) Let Go And Know Ps 46:10


Holy Week 2020 Isaiah 53 Suffering Servant


Good Friday 2020 Podcast Video Isaiah 53 Suffering Servant


(APRIL 7th 2020) Revival Birthed In A National And Worldwide Crisis







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